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About us

Intelligent people, processes, and partnerships

What makes one manufacturing company stand apart from the rest is not always what you see on the plant floor, it’s the people behind the systems and processes in action. 


Our story

MiQ's roots and heritage covers more than 70 years of innovating solutions for complex challenges.  Our current company was born when TSS Technologies and RN3D merged in 2018 to provide a seamless, full service operation for clients across verticals, needing best in class automation services and innovative design and manufacturing solutions to get to market faster, and at lower unit and overall costs.  


Our ability to accurately and quickly deliver on client expectations for design, problem solving, timelines and product quality is the foundation of our long-term relationships. 

Our people

Our engineers, project managers, technicians and plant managers bring years of successful outcomes to all aspects of automation, build to print, and machining, automation, robotics, machine vision, precision part handling, assembly, testing, inspection, and more.

Our leadership, backed by 70 years of earning the industry’s trust, brings a vision and commitment to operating at a level well above industry norms. Everything we do, and everyone we hire fits into three pillars:

Intelligence - Integrity - Partnership


Our partners

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