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Providing aerospace manufacturers custom automation solutions to meet precise specifications

Reaching new heights
The use of robotic automation in aerospace manufacturing

The aerospace industry continues to experience impressive growth. Most of the increased demand comes from airlines and private clients in emerging markets like China, India, and Brazil. Additionally, aging fleets in developed markets suggest that growth may pick up there as well. Modern aerospace clients demand nothing short of perfection from their suppliers. As rising costs for materials and skilled labor squeeze manufacturers' margins, buyers facing their own cost pressures - expensive fuel, bulky labor contracts, and regulatory hurdles - are balking at higher prices for finished equipment. Robotic automation of production and inspection processes helps aerospace manufacturers meet these demands and keep one step ahead of the competition by increasing productivity, lowering finished product costs, and improving quality. The industry relies heavily upon manufacturing parts to create aircraft wings, fuselages, engines, landing gear, and other components.

An advantage of using an automated machine for manufacturing parts is cost-effectiveness as using robotic arms instead of humans reduces the number of people employed to complete a task. Specific manufacturing applications include welding, material handling, and other processes to increase efficiency, safety, and throughput. Companies deploy automation in many forms — robotics, conveyance, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), artificial intelligence, and machine learning — to optimize their processes.

Related applications

MiQ offers solutions for every aspect of aerospace manufacturing from sorting the smallest fasteners to machining advanced surfaces and materials to large, high-accuracy assembly operations


Technology to meet the high demand of assembly

Machine Tending

Reduce takt time and offer greater flexibility

Material Handling

Eliminate the requirement of tedious labor

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Advancing aerospace with automation

The steady increase in electric vehicle consumption has led to a surge in battery demand causing manufacturers to seek economical ways to fill the demand-supply gap.

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Rising demand for commercial aircraft expected to boost industry revenue

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