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Assembly Technician

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Oakland, CA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


Accomplishes various custom production assembly functions that are complicated in nature and will vary from project to project for each customer. Assembles or fits products or sub-assemblies according to verbal or written instructions, or by following drawings or diagrams. Will call upon machine assembly knowledge and experience to determine specific form and fit of complicated components such as bearings, slides, and gears and various hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies. Operates hand tools, power tools, and production equipment as required including bench grinders, mills, drill presses etc.

Reports to: General Manager or assigned designee.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Reads work order, drawings, or other written instructions to secure and position components and materials.

  • Will make decisions on proper assembly process and sequence using drawings and schematics as required.

  • Fits or adjusts machine parts by fastening, screwing, hammering, soldering, or spot-welding using precision or heavy-duty hand or power tools.

  • Will operate production machines as required to secure proper fits

  • Checks products to reject defective items, packs into boxes and stacks onto pallets.

  • Carries out quality control procedures, undertakes inventory procedures, packs materials and places in storage, as needed.

  • Work as a team member on specific jobs.

  • Dismantles, cleans, inspects, and assembles parts.

  • Follows all safety procedures.

  • Occasional travel may be needed at times to various customer locations and/or MiQ Facilities.

  • Additional duties may and responsibilities can be added at any time.


Education & Experience

  • More than five (5) years’ experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.

Required Training

  • All training deemed essential and required by law.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Manage time effectively, to accomplish highest-priority goals and objectives.

  • Demonstrate effective spoken and written communication skills, provide explanations or instructions, and listen effectively.

  • Must have own tools and ensure tools are in satisfactory condition.

Physical Abilities

  • Ability to communicate with all personnel.

  • Visual ability with or without correction.

  • Manual dexterity to operate assembly equipment.

  • Mobility in plant and office.

  • Ability to operate large overhead cranes and manipulate heavy loads

  • Ability to obtain a fork truck operators license

About MiQ Partners

What makes one manufacturing company stand apart from the rest is not always what you see on the plant floor, it’s the people behind the systems and processes in action. At MiQ, we seek out the best talent in engineering, operations, project management, and build multi-disciplinary teams that collaborate to invent smarter, better ways to solve customers’ problems and enable them to meet their goals. And then some.

MiQ's roots and heritage covers more than 70 years of innovating solutions for complex challenges. Our current company was born when TSS Technologies and RN3D merged in 2018 to provide a seamless, full service operation for clients across verticals, needing best in class automation services and innovative design and manufacturing solutions to get to market faster, and at lower unit and overall costs. Our ability to accurately and quickly deliver on client expectations for design, problem solving, timelines and product quality is the foundation of our long-term relationships.

Our engineers, project managers, technicians and plant managers bring years of successful outcomes to all aspects of automation, build to print, and machining, automation, robotics, machine vision, precision part handling, assembly, testing, inspection, and more.

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