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Project Manager

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Oakland, CA, USA

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Responsible for cost, scope, quality, and schedule of assigned projects. In addition to project management duties, this position requires regular direct interaction with key customers. With limited supervision or direction, the Project Manager will plan and execute multiple automation projects for assigned customers. In addition, the Project Manager is responsible for coordinating efforts necessary to attain/exceed the project’s profit goals.

To accomplish these tasks, the Project Manager is expected to foster productive and mutually beneficial relationships with assigned customers, constantly working to further penetrate the customer’s organization and develop new business. In so doing, the Project Manager will assure strong coordination with the internal business development team, engineering teams, controller and purchasing teams, and the manufacturing functions.

Reports to: General Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

The Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Working with Applications Engineers, Mechanical and Controls Engineers as well as purchasing and manufacturing teams to complete projects within the allotted schedule and budget constraints while ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction.

  • Perform technical work as needed in either a mechanical or controls engineering capacity, in addition to pure project management duties.

  • Providing the primary customer contact throughout the project—documenting and communicating project status, controlling of project scope, and generating change orders/quotations.

  • Assisting with the overall account management for assigned customers including the development of new business opportunities.

  • Mentoring less experienced project and design staff, assisting in the development of concepts and design methodologies for projects in addition to those primarily assigned.

  • Preparing project schedules and recommending staffing to ensure constant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

  • Implementing and managing expense budgets for projects—taking corrective action to any area with major unfavorable variance.

  • Providing information as requested by the management team to support the development of quotations.

  • Ensuring all operational information required to invoice correctly is provided to responsible administrative personnel.

  • Preparing complete and accurate project documentation—ensuring company management and customer representatives are fully always informed of project status and schedule.

  • Coordinate with Engineering, Purchasing, Operations, Quality Assurance, and Finance, to manage projects effectively to assure overall business sales and profit goals are met.

  • Responsible for scheduling and conducting project kick-off meetings. Will provide written expectations for communication and reporting from all team members for compilation and inclusion in weekly and monthly Project Status reports.

  • Assure planning is efficiently released to shop through regular interaction with Assembly Managers.

  • Monitor and evaluate project effectiveness; effect changes required for improvement.

  • Additional job duties and responsibilities can be assigned at any time.


Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, technical degree, or equivalent experience in the automation/manufacturing industry as project manager or operations manager.

  • Requires practical experience with project management practices including work breakdown structure, scheduling, resource loading, risk management and assessment, cost account management, cost estimation and planning.

  • Computer literacy in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Project is also required.

  • Strong multitasking capabilities.

  • High sense of urgency to meet committed budgets, schedules, and quality requirements.

  • Strong communication skills—both written and verbal.

  • Requires experience in change management.

  • Must have ability to collaborate across multiple departments to form strong relationships.

  • Must be willing and able to travel on occasion.

Required Training

  • All training deemed essential and required by law.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required:

  • Manage time effectively, to accomplish highest-priority goals and objectives. Demonstrate effective spoken and written communication skills, to motivate others, provide explanations or instructions, listen effectively and make high-quality presentations. Think creatively and critically about services and activities, to challenge the status quo and promote continuous improvement.

  • Understand and abide by a high standard of professional ethics, to ensure the integrity of the department and the work performed. Develop and maintain successful professional contacts with individuals both within and outside the company, to exchange information and build more effective projects.

  • Be assertive in negotiating and administering projects, to obtain the best results for the company and maximize use of resources. Exhibit high motivation and a willingness to occasionally travel and commit to long hours, to accomplish tasks and achieve goals.

About MiQ Partners

What makes one manufacturing company stand apart from the rest is not always what you see on the plant floor, it’s the people behind the systems and processes in action. At MiQ, we seek out the best talent in engineering, operations, project management, and build multi-disciplinary teams that collaborate to invent smarter, better ways to solve customers’ problems and enable them to meet their goals. And then some.

MiQ's roots and heritage covers more than 70 years of innovating solutions for complex challenges. Our current company was born when TSS Technologies and RN3D merged in 2018 to provide a seamless, full service operation for clients across verticals, needing best in class automation services and innovative design and manufacturing solutions to get to market faster, and at lower unit and overall costs. Our ability to accurately and quickly deliver on client expectations for design, problem solving, timelines and product quality is the foundation of our long-term relationships.

Our engineers, project managers, technicians and plant managers bring years of successful outcomes to all aspects of automation, build to print, and machining, automation, robotics, machine vision, precision part handling, assembly, testing, inspection, and more.

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