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Industrial Robots

6-Axis Robots

6-Axis robots are capable of handling a variety of payloads and have a big work envelope. They may be used for almost any manufacturing application thanks to their versatility, including assembly, material handling, welding, painting, machine tending, inspection, and packing. With a customized 6-axis robotic workcell, you can increase throughput, quality, and efficiency.

SCARA Robots

SCARA robots enable the handling of tools and parts with a moderate payload at fast speeds. SCARA robots are excellent for repetitive light assembly work or high throughput part transfer. A customized SCARA robot system can be designed and built by MiQ Partners for your particular manufacturing procedure.

Delta Robots

At extremely high speeds, delta robots can handle small parts. Delta robots are frequently used to quickly transfer a string of fixed parts, reorient parts on a conveyor, or transfer parts to or from a high-speed conveyor. In order to decide whether a Delta Robot cell is the best option for you, MiQ Partners can assess your manufacturing process.

Vision-Guided Robots

Any of the aforementioned robots can be improved by the addition of a fixed or mounted camera system that is integrated with the robot controls. Robot motion is guided by the data and images, allowing the system to adjust for variations in the material, presentation, and outfeed location. MiQ Partners can evaluate the viability of such a system for your process and is aware of the advantages and restrictions of vision-guided robots.

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Custom Automation
  • Reduced Labor Costs
    Across several industries, automation has led to a general reduction in labor. The human workforce can focus on oversight, while robotic arms can complete manual, repetitive tasks. Turnover and training employees on new processes can be costly. Not only do automated solutions complete tasks faster, but they are more efficient and accurate.
  • Improved Health and Safety
    In these changing times, worker safety and workplace density have become more challenging. By deploying robotics, our customers have optimized their assembly lines, cells, and warehouses to be more ergonomic — keeping space between their workers while still meeting productivity goals.
  • Improved Quality
    Commercial aerospace automation has a high return on investment because of reduced error and scrap rate. Human error and variability lead to wasted resources and high cost per part. With vision and inspection automation, companies can complete inline inspection and traceability.
  • Higher Throughput
    Automated equipment drives higher throughput than relying solely on human workforces. Our customers can increase their use of existing capital equipment, reduce downtime, and increase production efficiency using SCADA control systems. For example, our robotics design for automated nut plate assembly can do what five human workers could do.

Want to automate your production?

We would love to help you with your next project. To get more details about pricing and timelines, please complete our information form. We will reach out shortly to discuss how to get started.

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