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We design and build automated manufacturing equipment


Custom Automated Equipment

We provide solutions for highly complex manufacturing processes or for relatively simple tasks requiring improved throughput. We have delivered custom automated manufacturing equipment of various size and complexity, including:

  • Fully Automated Equipment

  • Semi Automated Equipment

  • Single Piece Workcells


Industrial Robots

We design and build robotic workcells for industrial applications. Improve efficiency, safety, and quality with a vision guided robot. We work with the following types of industrial robots from various robot manufacturers:

  • 6-Axis


  • Delta

Spacecraft in Orbit


Providing aerospace manufacturers the precise and adaptable automation cells for low-volume, high-mix applications


We provide a wide range of automation applications that can be customized to meet the specific needs of any industry.


MiQ Partners in wearable drug delivery automation

Partnering with cutting-edge medical device manufacturers to bring game-changing products to market more efficiently via custom automation solutions, designs and robotic systems

Custom Automation

Partnership throughout the design process

Our partnership approach to project management allows our customers to partner on engineering decisions throughout the project. Our people become your people with the sole focus of helping you achieve your company’s goals for production timelines, ROI, profitability and shareholder value. 

  • Reduced Labor Costs
    Across several industries, automation has led to a general reduction in labor. The human workforce can focus on oversight, while robotic arms can complete manual, repetitive tasks. Turnover and training employees on new processes can be costly. Not only do automated solutions complete tasks faster, but they are more efficient and accurate.
  • Improved Health and Safety
    In these changing times, worker safety and workplace density have become more challenging. By deploying robotics, our customers have optimized their assembly lines, cells, and warehouses to be more ergonomic — keeping space between their workers while still meeting productivity goals.
  • Improved Quality
    Commercial aerospace automation has a high return on investment because of reduced error and scrap rate. Human error and variability lead to wasted resources and high cost per part. With vision and inspection automation, companies can complete inline inspection and traceability.
  • Higher Throughput
    Automated equipment drives higher throughput than relying solely on human workforces. Our customers can increase their use of existing capital equipment, reduce downtime, and increase production efficiency using SCADA control systems. For example, our robotics design for automated nut plate assembly can do what five human workers could do.

Our Clients

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