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Beyond producing projects on time, on budget, and getting clients to market with higher profit margins, we offer a full spectrum of support services to make your job easier

Our automation and technology experts equip your project with best practices for supporting the complete robotic process automation journey – from strategy to results

Spare Parts

Every automation order is backed by critical spare parts to assure your projects move forward without interruption. We develop and manage replacements such as​ stocking processes and parts kits and internal machining capabilities to replace standard items

We can reverse engineer legacy components as well If documentation is not available or outdated. Repair processes available to keep repair items in production, in repair, & in stock at all times.

On-site and internal repair options include managing material returns,

troubleshoot, replace hardware, test, validate, & drop ship, quality documentation as required per client and regulatory standards

On-site Support

On-site support

We provide comprehensive technical support, including production support & training. Our Engineers and technicians provide training for ​maintenance, operator – human interface and system functionality, controls and robotics, troubleshooting, start-up support, specialized processes, and vision robotics. 

We also provide preventive maintenance contracts that cover​ scheduled preventive maintenance programs offered with standard or customized options.

Remote Access

Remote Access

We’ve built a robust suite of remote services to assure clients can monitor projects in real time and respond to unplanned events immediately.


MiQ Partners’ remote access services provide customers with quick support, remote diagnostics and troubleshooing, remote programming of PLC and system controllers, ethernet/WiFi/cellular access, and secure access with VPN.

Enhanced Data Analytics

Enhanced Data Analytics

Insights for real-time monitoring. Through our Enhanced Data Analytics and performance monitoring options, you can monitor machine health in real-time. Our enhanced data analytics include customized data analytics, uptime/throughput, machine health monitoring, production data analysis, and predictive maintenance.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality drives real results at MiQ Partners with support including:

  • Real-time maintenance for troubleshooting

  • Immediate access for monitoring projects

  • Avoid travel expenses

  • Less downtime, increased uptime

  • Ease of service

Production Line Relocation

Production Line Relocation

As a full-service provider, MiQ can manage and execute production line installations and relocation of existing equipment. Our services include:

  • Deconstruction

  • Rigging and shipment prep

  • Shipment

  • Installation

  • Power

  • Validation and start-up support

  • Technical support as requested

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