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Life Sciences

Advanced tools for advanced medical devices specializing in small part manipulation and assembly

Rapid development to rapid production
The use of robotic automation in life sciences manufacturing

Robotics play an integral role along production lines in medical device, biologics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Common applications in this industry include sorting, product assembly, quality inspection, packaging, environmental and product sampling, seed laboratory automation, kitting logistics, UV-C disinfection, and cleaning processes. Stringent regulations mean medical device manufacturers must reproduce identical products, under rigorous cleanroom conditions, within reduced time frames. Clean room space is costly; the use of robotics reduces the overall footprint. Robotic technologies also provide the basis for more applications, versus legacy technologies through the use of cobots, machine vision, mobile robotics, and haptic control which all support this growing sector. 

Keeping pace with innovation, manufacturing agility and adaptability, aligned with changing product iterations, is essential. Automation, which is made possible by the standardization and modularization of lab equipment in the life sciences, is improving productivity and the breadth of the field's real-world applications, which include everything from drug discovery to single-use, small-batch drug applications. Our solutions have improved medical testing and expedited the production of critical healthcare products.

Automation enables more efficient and accurate exploration, which is already having a tangible impact on the rate at which therapies and lifesaving vaccines are developed and delivered to patients and is only expected to increase in the coming years.

Related applications

To accommodate the needs of modern surgeons, we have automated a wide variety of surgical instruments. With this foundation, we can better meet the needs of the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries regarding automated assembly

Machine Tending

Reduce takt time and offer greater flexibility

Material Handling

Eliminate the requirement of tedious labor

Pick & Place

Perform with the precision and speed necessary 



MiQ Partners in wearable drug delivery automation

Partnering with cutting-edge medical device manufacturers to bring game-changing products to market more efficiently via custom automation solutions, designs and robotic systems

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In good health: Technological developments will likely continue to bolster industry growth

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