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Proprietary automation systems for high-volume consumer goods production

Packing for the future
The use of robotic automation in consumer packaging manufacturing

Assisted by artificial intelligence and machine learning, CPG firms are rapidly adopting autonomous production to tackle complex manufacturing issues. The consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, with the application of AI and machine learning ranking as the top priority for leading firms.

Manufacturers of consumer packaged goods increasingly rely on analytics to foresee consumer needs and improve operations. Manufacturing operations in the CPG sector could benefit from robotic automation to capture this data. Factories can quickly transform their manual processes into an automated production flow to meet the needs of their fluctuating supply and demand chains.

Successful businesses will have well-coordinated supply chains and efficient operational procedures, allowing them to respond rapidly to market shifts and meet the demands of their customers.

One of the keys to success in the consumer-packaged goods industry over the next decade will be striking a balance between meeting customer demands and increasing profits.

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MiQ offers solutions for every aspect of CPG manufacturing from sorting the smallest fasteners to machining advanced surfaces and materials to large, high-accuracy assembly operations

Material Handling

Eliminate the requirement of tedious labor


Give your production line competitive palletizing flexibility

Pick & Place

Perform with the precision and speed necessary 

Candy Packaging Case Study.jpg


Speeding up candy packaging production with automation

MiQ partnered to automate an existing operation that was extremely labor intensive and often required repacking cutting the cost and time associated with candy packaging

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