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Advancing Battery Technology at the 2022 Battery Show

The surge in electric vehicle consumption has spurred the development of advancements in technology, materials, and applications in battery manufacturing. Whether in autos, consumer gadgets, medical equipment, or numerous other common items, batteries clearly do more than simply power our machines.

The Battery Show is North America's largest trade show dedicated to battery and electric vehicle technology, where engineers, business leaders, and creative thinkers gather to discover game-changing innovations and develop game-changing solutions for the future.

On September 13-15, 2022, the Battery Show North America will be held in Novi, Michigan, serving as a gathering place for those interested in the latest developments in battery technology as applied to electric and hybrid vehicles, utility and renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, the military, and telecommunications. Over ten thousand people are expected to attend, together with seven hundred and fifty vendors, one hundred and fifty presenters, and seventy-two hours of content.


You can get all the supplies and parts you need to get your next project up and running. New products and services for the automotive, fixed, mobile, and industrial markets will be on display from a variety of vendors. Further, they will be showcasing their newest innovations and doing live demonstrations of their products.

In addition to four tracks of technical education and on-demand conference content (post-event), attendees will be able to get an inside look at cutting-edge technologies from more than 25 exhibiting companies, attend educational sessions led by industry experts from companies like ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tekscan, and more, network with peers at both scheduled and impromptu gatherings held throughout the expo floor, and experience live demonstrations of various products.

Each day of the conference begins with a high-profile keynote talk and is followed by a roundtable panel of senior industry professionals addressing the most significant market disruptors of the last year and what they expect to see in the years to come.

The day before the expo, attendees can participate in one of four three-hour workshops that provide an in-depth and interactive look at various aspects of battery and electric vehicle (EV) technology.

Explore over 30 sessions of technical information and analysis presented by a single presenter, multiple presenters, or panels of industry experts covering everything from research and development to the current trends and advancements in the field.

Quick presentations on a variety of business, innovation, discovery, and manufacturing topics; there are over 30 to choose from. 15 minutes of audience Q&A will follow.


Track A: Battery Industry Developments

  • Battery Markets & Supply Chain

  • Advanced Battery Technologies and Evolution

  • Battery Sustainability & Recycling

Track B: Battery Systems in Use

  • Battery Design & Manufacturing

  • Battery Applications

  • Stationary Power Advancements

Track C: EV Industry Developments

  • EV Industry Development & Forecasts

  • Policy + Mobility

  • Transportation Electrification & Emerging Applications

Track D: EVs in Use

  • EV & Hybrid Design Advancements

  • Fast Charging & Infrastructure Developments

More than 750 suppliers displaying cutting-edge solutions in the transportation, stationary, portable, and industrial sectors will be present, allowing guests to learn about and try out the latest products, technology, and solutions at every stage of development.

On the show floor, you can participate in the Open Tech Forum, which features panel discussions, live demos, thought leadership presentations, and more; the New Product Showcase, which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest innovations from more than 25 exhibitors; the Battery Tech Theater, which features educational sessions from top industry suppliers like ATS Automation Tooling Systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tekscan, and more; and the Networking Events, which provide a casual setting to make new connections.

At The Battery Show, those interested in batteries and EV technology can network with one another. Engineers, directors, and executives from hundreds of firms will be strolling the show floor, listening to speakers, and looking for new ideas at a conference focused on breakthrough battery and electric hybrid and vehicle technology.


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