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Battery Test Cell

The Challenge

Develop a test cell for use in developing new battery recipes. This test station was required to replicate the AAA and AA lines. It also needed to be easy to tear down and setup by lab technicians.

  • Workcell needs to accommodate 4 similar shaped but different sized battery cell models

  • Size of Pump Changes between models

  • Quick Change out by lab techs of cell model type – reduce part change out, quickly repeatable positioning

  • Fluid that is being dispensed is of varying viscosity, is caustic, and when it dries, it sets up like concrete.

  • Solids in fluid present a fire hazard when coming in contact with metal – all portions of the machine had to be of certain types of plastic, ceramic or of material that would not react with fluid

  • 2 Servo motors were to run synchronously off a Cam Table

  • System must be able to store multiple recipes and verify validity.

  • PLC programming must follow PackML standards

Why Choose MiQ?

MiQ was selected based upon previous success building production lines for the Client and MiQ’s PackML expertise.

Our Solution

  • MiQ delivered a test cell that was able to accommodate all battery cell types.

  • Customer needs to change out a maximum of four parts to change to any size battery cell.

  • All parts are located by dowel pins and secured by either a single socket head screw or a tool-less fastening system

  • Programming met all customer requirements and was presented in and easy to use interface while still providing adjustability of all test cell parameters

  • Test cells met all material conformance requirements.

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