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IoT Technology and Connected Cars

All of the complex technologies being put to use to automate and coordinate sophisticated manufacturing processes are providing the groundwork for developing autonomous cars. CEO of Real-Time Innovations, Stan Schneider, posits that the combination of these systems create “An autonomous car [that] is more a robot on wheels than it is a car.”

For autonomous vehicles to succeed, they need to allow for their distributed systems to share their information effectively. In his whitepaper “The Secret Sauce of Autonomous Cars,” Schneider writes “Data-centric connectivity was originally developed for autonomous systems. Unlike messaging technologies, it directly controls data interactions. It removes all of the complexity of managing data communications from components. It excels at highly reliable, complex system integration. It is fully standardized, proven in hundreds of industrial systems, and already controlling many autonomous planes, robots, submarines, and cars.”

Advances in realtime monitoring of data for safety and reliablity will allow vehicles to communicate with their manufacturers, users, roads, and vehicles around them and provide insights into their operation. Applying further IoT technologies will enable smarter vehicles and roadway infrastructure.

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