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Medical Device Assembly

The Challenge

Customer: Medical Device Manufacturer

A medical device manufacturer needed a machine to assemble wearable devices with a high degree of accuracy—think of the board game “Operation,” in which the player must guide an input precisely without touching an inside wall.

Previous attempts to automate the process were unsuccessful, and a semi-automated solution would have represented a major step forward for the customer.

The Solution

MiQ was selected for our deep background in medical device automation and manufacturing. Our customer team drew on MiQ’s machine vision capabilities to design the means for guiding and measuring the precise assembly process.

MiQ Partners delivered an automated assembly in which a robot inserts a sensor into an applicator with a .001” difference in diameter with zero contact until the part is seated. Real-time camera data is used to determine the angle of the sensor and make adjustments until fully inserted. A second robot then inserts a push pin into the applicator with a .002” difference in diameter without damaging the sensitive component.

Our solution reduced cycle time from 2-4 minutes per part to 12-15 seconds per part. With multiple machines in play, throughput at the customer has increased drastically. Reduced waste material and reject parts. Improved product management. Serialization improvements. Logistics improvements from cart/tray part handling system. Reduced operating costs.

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