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MiQ Capabilities and Qualifications Overview

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Need a quick glance at MiQ’is capabilities, achievements and qualifications for designing industrial automation systems that can help you achieve your manufacturing goals? View and download this brief outline introducing our expertise, capabiltiies and achivement for clients across vertials.

MiQ Partners Overview


For more than 70 years, we have been taking our clients’ intelligent ideas that make our world better for consumers, industry, and businesses, and applying our in-depth engineering, manufacturing and innovation intelligence to drive better and faster results. Our intelligent approach to manufacturing embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to product design, manufacturing processes, and custom automation for even the most intricate procedures. Because of the diverse and proven human experience we bring to each team, we are able to develop innovative methods that rise above traditional means and drive unprecedented results which include:

  • Reduced cycle time

  • Lowered operating costs

  • Higher profitability margins

  • Accelerated time to market savings weeks not days

The Difference We Deliver

We hire proven industrial engineers with vertical expertise aligned with our core competencies:

  • Medical Device / Life Sciences

  • Aerospace

  • CPG / Food and Beverage

  • Industrial/Automotive, Assembly, Testing

Because we have engineers and project managers that are experts in specific categories, we are able to provide insights and highly relevant solutions to design challenges our clients face, troubleshoot procedural complications, and develop the right machinery, assembly, and robotics quickly.

This collaborative approach across disciplines and scientific expertise alone enables us to be the kind of partner that truly helps clients exceed timeline and cost goals associated with complex manufacturing projects. In many cases, it is this “round-table” approach to scientific problem solving that has enabled us to produce products with the kind of accuracy and precision clients thought were impossible.

Our services include:

  • Custom Automation

  • Precision Part Handling

  • Robotics

  • Assembly

  • Build to Print Production

  • Testing

  • Machine Vision

  • Inspection and much more

Our team brings expertise in engineering and verticals such as medical device, CPG, aerospace, automotive, food and beverage and more.

You can download this quick overview for a glance at what we can do for your next project. Our innovative designs have reduced cycle times from minutes to seconds, and delivered lead times weeks ahead of schedule, not just days.

Questions? Please email us at

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