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Multi-Pack High-Speed Dispensing

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The Challenge

A Contract Manufacturing client of water-soluble pouches for detergents had a development packaging line system well behind production demand and requiring labor to recover from reoccurring shut downs everyday for a 24-hour operation. The scrap rate was 20% of all production and line efficiency was 72%.


  • Product seals inconsistent leading to cross contamination between chambers and leaks.

  • Working elevation was a considerable issue for the operators.

  • Many process assemblies fix mounted and difficult for change out and cleaning.

  • Multiple product spills and leaks leading to hours of shut down and clean up.

  • Multiple system panels and different locations making troubleshooting extremely difficult.

  • Scrap removal system was ineffective and caused jams, multiple shut downs and delays.

  • The final product would pop out of the transport platen prior to discharge causing jams, spills, and shut downs.


MiQ Partners sent an engineering team the client’s facility and spent 4 hours on the production line to identify machine issues and observations limiting them from reaching their daily production goals. The team then sat down with the clients engineering, operators, & maintenance team to gather additional production data & known machine issues.

The MiQ team presented a proposal with multiple options to enhance several processes within the system and update the controls and operator interface for ease of use and reporting for the customer.

MiQ was awarded the project and incorporated all indented product enhancements noted above.

  • Managed and integrated all OEM suppliers to into the system with improvements in fill weights and cycle times.

  • Incorporated laser perforation into laminate for sealing and product weight accuracy.

  • Incorporate “quick-change out platens ad key process sub-assemblies

  • Servo controlled liquid and powder filling with HMI adjustment in process.

  • iTrak independent mower conveying system

  • Facility handle incoming bulk products and waste removal of finished product.

  • Provide all materials handling and labor for factor acceptance at MiQ.

  • Provide all rigging, freight, installation and acceptance at the customer site in a 2 week period.

  • Production efficiency improvement up to 94%

  • Output increase to 1100 PPM from 850 ppm

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