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Skin Graft Automation Unit

The Challenge

Customer: Medical organ and tissue recovery and processing company.

A medical organ and tissue recovery and processing firm needed to obtain larger skin grafts because larger grafts have better healing and less scarring for the patient. Less time is required during surgery to place larger single grafts than multiple smaller ones.

Why Choose MiQ?

MiQ was chosen for their experience in medical device design and manufacturing. MiQ understands the regulatory requirements required in the medical industry and have the systems in place to design and validate. Additionally, our knowledge of clean design and sterility of components was leveraged to design an easily maintained unit for sterility.

Our Solution

MiQ designed an easily cleanable, automated unit that produced skin grafts significantly larger than those able to obtain manually. The unit designed also has the ability to adjust the skin thickness removed, allowing the customer to fine tune the resultant skin thickness.

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