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Smart Fitness & Rehabilitation Ecosystem

The Challenge

Customer: Integrated, smart fitness & rehabilitation ecosystem that pairs cloud-based software, health informatics sensors, and inclusive fitness equipment.

Client needed to meet strict launch schedule. They contracted an industrial design firm to design a universal weight machine. This design was in the early stages when the Customer requested MiQ review the design from a manufacturability stand point. The staged design effort was centered on identified long lead parts, so MiQ reviewed incomplete assemblies.

The review uncovered over 400 part interferences, tolerance issues, material substations requests, etc. MiQ reviewed our findings with the Customer and the industrial design firm. The approval of MiQ recommendations was the sole responsibly of the Customer. As assemblies and sub-assemblies were completed, re-reviews on some parts was required to insure fit-up issues were minimized.

The Customer’s desire to come to market quickly led to MiQ assuming responsibility for updating the industrial design firms drawings. All updates were approved by the industrial design firm and Customer. As the iterative designs were released, MiQ approved drawings, secured quotes and ordered parts. This approach required MiQ to re-review approved parts multiple times, which in some cases impacted the suppliers as updated orders were required.

Why Choose MiQ?

MiQ was introduced to the client in 2013 when they were searching for a Manufacturing partner. MiQ was selected because of cost transparency, and the client liked the MiQ business unit approach to projects.

Our Solution

MiQ put a tracking device in place to track parts on orders and control rev levels. MiQ used the device to compare that level maintain up to date master files. MiQ is the manufacturing company and has partnered with the client to provide quoting, engineering services, assembly including “other” consulting services to help bring the client’s vision to the market place.

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