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Vertical Farming

Broaden the applicability of growing crops and brings food production closer to consumers to meet growing demand

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Growing productivity
The use of robotic automation in vertical farming

The future of vertical farms involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, as they can manage this system more efficiently than humans. Key technological areas which may drive success for the vertical farming sector, including soilless growing techniques, LEDs in the artificial light platform, environmental control systems, and sensors to monitor environmental conditions. Automation is utilized in numerous areas of vertical agriculture, such as irrigation systems, which regulate the amount of water applied to plants. It is also utilized in nutrient delivery systems to regulate the number of nutrients fed to plants at any particular time.

MiQ can assist commercial growers in making vertical farming a lucrative business by increasing crop yields and decreasing operating costs using cutting-edge automation technology. Companies engaged in vertical farming are able to increase their crop yields while decreasing their expenses and increasing the quality of their products thanks to the use of automated systems, sophisticated robots, and vision systems. When problems arise in a vertical farm, they may be quickly identified and remedied thanks to the extensive network of sensors used to track the health of the plants and the machinery that tends to them.


Related applications

MiQ offers solutions for every aspect of vertical farming from planting and spraying to inspecting with vision technology as well as solutions to some of the more tricky technical problems vertical farmers face

Material Handling

Eliminate the requirement of tedious labor

Material Removal

Achieve consistent quality through automated removal

Pick & Place

Perform with the precision and speed necessary 


The Future of Vertical Farming is in Automation

The future of vertical farms includes artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in the form of robots, as they will be able to manage the system more efficiently than humans

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As consumers increasingly buy locally grown produce, revenue is expected to grow

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